Healing from abusive relations

Whether it’s East or West, we daily ready or hear about mental abuse ,domestic violence stories on social media and in our society. Victims can be both men or women . Sometimes they leave or sometimes they have to stay in that relationship due to children ,society or varied reasons .

We always ignore the most important thing which is the mental condition of people who are “trapped “. They need healing from inside. .Abused ones are left with depression, no self esteem ,no confidence and pain . So what should they do? First of all, victims should realise that no one else can take care of them. Its their road and they have to walk it. Then they should start with few steps . First of all , ask yourself that “Do you want to stay in this relationship? ” Yes or no are fine.Secondly,ask yourself about your all dreams.Then jot it down on journal.Start working on your dreams. No matter big or small,dreams are always achievable . Third step is to say positive affirmations in front of mirror daily. Tell yourself daily with full belief that “I’m beautiful and blessed.I deserve all the happiness “and everything you want to tell yourself. When you feel low ,write down all the good things in your life .Thank God for everything in your life. Stay away or at least try to avoid negative people around you. Before sleeping ,listen to the audios of Louise Hay daily . Do meditation daily and most important of all is to Forgive yourself and everyone around you.Do all this daily with full devotion and you will gradually come out of this mess as Survivor.

We aren’t victims because we are weak.We are victims because our foes wants us in miserable condition. Universe is full of positive and negative energy. As Shams Tabrizi said that if we echo good things ,world will give it to us.If we echo bad things, world will give it back to us. Whatever happens, stay positive and say positive things.Have faith in yourself. Live in the present moment. Don’t think about your past as it can’t be changed. Your future will be bright believe me. You are strong and you deserve all the blessings. Always remember that it’s us who decide our destiny . It’s up to us what we sow because in the end we will gather that crop .

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