God’s timing is perfect

Rewrite your own story with the favourite ending you wish for.

God’s plans are perfect and His timing is perfect then why my prayers and cries aren’t being heard?Such questions arise in the minds of several people of different religions or beliefs everyday.Your friends are married but you’re not. Your siblings have good career today but you are getting nowhere with career .You are putting in hundred percent efforts at writing but no one is interested in your blogs.Your colleague is getting promoted but you are stuck in same position for years and list goes on.

You tend to feel like that your prayers and cries aren’t being heard or simply God is not interested in your life because you can’t see any change in the situation. You are getting frustrated because you don’t know about your future .You are anxious whether you will achieve your goals or not. But just ask yourself that Are these thoughts helping you ? No, these thoughts are just raising the level of negativity in your mind .These questions are the reason for your failure. Your doubts are stopping you to take important decisions in your life.

As matter of fact,people want change in their life but don’t like the waiting process. You are upset for your future without realizing the fact that you are spoiling your present. Why to get worried about future when you havent seen it.Remember one thing that slowly and steadily it’s going to happen.Change your mind, learn Patience and heal your emotions.Your job isn’t to grieve about the timing but to work hard . God is not hearing your prayers today because Perhaps He has written an ocean for you while you are asking for a drop. Go with the flow and don’t force things. When it’s meant to be, it will be.No one can take away from you what’s written for you.

As Rumi said that “The moment you accept what troubles you have been given, the door will open”. Don’t be jealous of others and their success. It’s their harvest time because they have worked hard for it .Now it’s your time to accept challenges and to plant the seeds of hard work and faith.Inspire yourself to move forward.You will see your dreams coming to you. Hardships and depressions are challenging you but they can’t get you away from your destiny.

Remember the story of Prophet Joseph(Yusuf) who was betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused of rape, imprisoned for years but he waited with patience for the fulfillment of his dreams.He had no doubts about God’s plan and timing.It was his patience and faith in God’s plan that leads him from a shepherd to the most powerful man of Egypt .

It’s time for action . You are on your way.Calm yourself and don’t think about timing. Accept the God’s timing plan and start working on your goals now . If you believe in God’s plan and yourself , there is NOTHING that you can’t achieve .๐Ÿ’–

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