Manifest your desires

Believe and achieve โค

Universe is ready to give us everything we want but many people don’t know that how to ask for.You heard about many stories that how people became rich and successful through law of attraction but unfortunately it didn’t work for you .You tried hard and followed all the necessary steps but attract nothing except frustration.You have no idea that why it doesn’t help or why universe is so biased .But in actual, you are the reason for nonfulfilment of your desires .There are few steps which can help you to achieve everything you want.

1.BE GRATEFUL : People always underestimate the power of Gratitude. You can’t attract anything through negative mind and thoughts. Be grateful for everything you have ,Universe will gives you more .As like attracts like ,so with positive mind you will attract more blessings and negative mind will attract negativity, anxiety and stress. Appreciate everything you have and love yourself.

2.SET YOUR INTENTIONS: Law of attractions sometimes doesn’t work because people ask for things they don’t even want.So relax and clear your mind.Ask yourself that what do you really want to attract in your life ? Write your dreams in diary .When you are clear about your wish ,it will be more easy to attract that.

3.IMAGINE AND BELIEVE: After you are sure about your desires ,daily for 5 minutes imagine yourself living your dream life in as much detail as possible. Suppose if you want a new car ,believe you have already bought and driving that car.Imagine all the car details including its model, colour and number etc.

4.TIME FOR ACTION : Now start working on your goals .You can’t leave every thing on universe .You have to work had for your dreams. Observe all the signs of universe appearing or reappearing in your life which can be messages, numbers or anything. Try to interpret these messages. Focus on all of the opportunities and try to avail them .Believe these are signs from universe which are bringing you closer to your dreams.

Get rid of negative thoughts in your mind .It can take time but your are going to win. Believe that if you can dream, you will achieve it . Nothing is impossible in this world .

5.LIVE IN THE MOMENT : Most important and last step of manifestation is to enjoy the present life .Rejoice over the efforts you are making daily to achieve your goals .Don’t regret over the past mistakes and don’t get panic over future.Enjoy your life and make sincere efforts to achieve your goals.

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