Changing my destiny

Destiny can be changed through our actions πŸ’–

Fate, Moirai, kismet,bhagya and qadr are same word in different languages. Fate defines the “unavoidable” and predetermined future events and destiny is that “predetermined future”.Sometimes fate and destiny ae considered same thing because of their deep inter connection in universe.Both plays a divine role in all religions and so in the lives of people who believes in them.

From religious point of view, It’s God who controls our fate and it’s written already what will happen in our life and He is the one who can change our destiny. There are two kinds of people.1 who staunchly believes in fate and blame fate for their failures and embraced failed and depressed life as their destiny. It’s utterly wrong .2.. The second group of people who don’t believe in fate and it’s role in their life.

How to change our destiny?fact is that destiny can be changed through our actions,decisions ,beliefs and hard work. Just because something bad happened to us in past ,it doesn’t mean that will happen again in our future.Sometimes parents decide about the career of children and willingly or unwillingly that becomes their destiny. If you believe that you are fated to be a failed business man ,you will be .Because its you who are negatively thinking about your destiny. While if you believe that you are going to succeed and work hard for it , you will definitely become successful because of your approach .Don’t regret about the past and change your destiny by not not repeating the past mistakes.

Now the question is how to know our destiny? How to know that what we want for our future ? Answer is your intuition. Never ignore gut feeling about any decision, situation and person.Repeat your positive affirmations daily to get rid of negative thoughts .Ask yourself about your goals .Pleasing others cannot change your destiny.Deep inside you know what do you want in your life and what is important for you.No one knows you more than yourself .Have faith and believe in yourself ,you will see miracles in your life .Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.Don’t think about the consequences.Work hard for your goals and believe you will achieve them one day .You will be there .πŸ’–


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