Coping with rejection

Be strong as it’s the only option

It’s easy to write or talk about rejection but difficult to face this. I was a happy person enjoying my life and didn’t care about my future .The only thing I thought that time was a good happy marriage. I got engaged during my university last year .I was happy because life was going to be wonderful as I believe .My then fiance was settled in Australia and it was decided that I will move to Australia after my marriage.I was dreaming everything which a girl can dream or imagine like there will be long drives ,trips and outings and happily everafter.

Unfortunately our plans don’t go well everytime .I got married and came to my in laws home .Three days aftet marriage,my Mirror of Dreams was suddenly shattered in to pieces when my husband humiliated me in front of his family and servants without any reason. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say . He told me clearly that he got married for his mother and don’t expect anything.

After few days he went back to Australia. The new phase of hardship started. He used to abuse me every day on phone,mocked me and told me evertytime that you don’t deserve to come here.You will spend the rest of life there.He taunted me about my career and everything. This relation was suffocating me while on the other side,my family was supporting him. He blamed me for everything and I couldn’t do anything.

In short, this marriage brought my confidence, my self respect and communication skills to level zero.For 2 years of my life i stayed in my room alone. I had no confidence to face anyone .I was crying all the time but had no idea how to deal with this situation.My friends were busy with their lives and I had no one to share my issues. I wanted to end relation but my family was against me.

After living three years with this helplessness and depression, I was fed up of my life and hating my self. I wanted to kill myself to get rid of this mental torture .That was the turning point of my life.From nowhere, A motivational speaker approached me on social media app.I was tired of my situation and told him about everything.

It was a miracle and God wanted to help me I believe. He was an angel from different region of world. I believed in him and desperately tried everything to tackle that. My marriage issue was still there .I had no career .But I learnt the important skill that’s SELF LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE. I started writing the positive things in my life. I repeated positive affirmations daily .I started listening to the meditation audios and that worked.I forgave everyone around and myself for mistakes .Above all ,the most important thing I did was to avoid the negative people including my husband and i started preparation for job exams.After few weeks , I felt change .I was healing because of him and that made me satisfied and happy .I knew that everything will be fine on right time.Universe will give me everything which I deserve .

Now I was a” better person”. Sometimes I got depressed yes but now I had the strength to cope with rejection and depression.After two months ,I got a good govt job .I had the confidence to face everyone in my office .I was taking care of my self and my communication skills were much better .Few months later ,my husband divorced me and my family realised their mistake of trusting him so blindly .

Today I have no grudge for anyone. Sometimes I feel sad about my wasted time.But those days have strengthen my belief about God’s plan. He always has something better to offer but we are impatient .I believed that nothing will change but it did .

Have faith and believe in yourself and God .Work hard for your goals and you will achieve what you want .

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