Real key to happiness

Learn to let go.That is the key to happiness (Buddha)

There are hundreds of articles, quotes and videos of motivational speakers on topic of happiness or sharing keys to happiness.But can you change your state of mind because of them?Can you be happy just because someone on the Internet is asking you to do so?Are there any methods to learn the art of happiness? You know the answer as it’s simple big NO.

Everyone in every region of the world wants to be happy .It’s not an art or skill .First thing you should realise that happiness is your choice and your decision. Only key to happiness is blocking anything in your mind or life which stops you to get happy. There are few things or habits which can make you satisfied and once you are satisfied, you will be a happy person ๐Ÿ˜Š


Concept of goal oriented happiness has ruined everything now a days. Many people think that they will be happy after a new car ,new house or new job that’s why they can’t be happy. Stop comparing your life with others .Your life journey and struggle timing are different than others.So be grateful for what you have. Think about that Richest blind guy who can buy anything but can’t see. Think about bed ridden patients who only want to be healthy.This will definitely change your approach. Thank Almighty for your life , health and all things in your life.


2.Forgive everyone :

Before sleeping, forgive your self and everyone who wronged you in your life.Blaming yourself for your past decisions or worrying about your future won’t change anything .Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t think about your past or future.


Come out of your comfort zone. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts and bad people in your life. Make of list of stuff you always wanted to do . Learn new skills and set small goals daily .Learn knitting ,swimming, language everything you love and you will feel accomplished.


Believe in God and yourself that every sorrow will turn into joy.You are going to be successful.Work hard but don’t think about the results.You will achieve all your goals one day.


Be comfortable with who you are. Love yourself and you will be happy yes.Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and avoid alcohol. Visit your favourite persons,watch movies and read books. Meditate daily and maintain good hygiene. Do what makes you happy.Such habits will make you healthy,active and happy.

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