Real key to happiness

Learn to let go.That is the key to happiness (Buddha)

There are hundreds of articles, quotes and videos of motivational speakers on topic of happiness or sharing keys to happiness.But can you change your state of mind because of them?Can you be happy just because someone on the Internet is asking you to do so?Are there any methods to learn the art of happiness? You know the answer as it’s simple big NO.

Everyone in every region of the world wants to be happy .It’s not an art or skill .First thing you should realise that happiness is your choice and your decision. Only key to happiness is blocking anything in your mind or life which stops you to get happy. There are few things or habits which can make you satisfied and once you are satisfied, you will be a happy person 😊


Concept of goal oriented happiness has ruined everything now a days. Many people think that they will be happy after a new car ,new house or new job that’s why they can’t be happy. Stop comparing your life with others .Your life journey and struggle timing are different than others.So be grateful for what you have. Think about that Richest blind guy who can buy anything but can’t see. Think about bed ridden patients who only want to be healthy.This will definitely change your approach. Thank Almighty for your life , health and all things in your life.


2.Forgive everyone :

Before sleeping, forgive your self and everyone who wronged you in your life.Blaming yourself for your past decisions or worrying about your future won’t change anything .Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t think about your past or future.


Come out of your comfort zone. Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts and bad people in your life. Make of list of stuff you always wanted to do . Learn new skills and set small goals daily .Learn knitting ,swimming, language everything you love and you will feel accomplished.


Believe in God and yourself that every sorrow will turn into joy.You are going to be successful.Work hard but don’t think about the results.You will achieve all your goals one day.


Be comfortable with who you are. Love yourself and you will be happy yes.Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and avoid alcohol. Visit your favourite persons,watch movies and read books. Meditate daily and maintain good hygiene. Do what makes you happy.Such habits will make you healthy,active and happy.

Coping with rejection

Be strong as it’s the only option

It’s easy to write or talk about rejection but difficult to face this. I was a happy person enjoying my life and didn’t care about my future .The only thing I thought that time was a good happy marriage. I got engaged during my university last year .I was happy because life was going to be wonderful as I believe .My then fiance was settled in Australia and it was decided that I will move to Australia after my marriage.I was dreaming everything which a girl can dream or imagine like there will be long drives ,trips and outings and happily everafter.

Unfortunately our plans don’t go well everytime .I got married and came to my in laws home .Three days aftet marriage,my Mirror of Dreams was suddenly shattered in to pieces when my husband humiliated me in front of his family and servants without any reason. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say . He told me clearly that he got married for his mother and don’t expect anything.

After few days he went back to Australia. The new phase of hardship started. He used to abuse me every day on phone,mocked me and told me evertytime that you don’t deserve to come here.You will spend the rest of life there.He taunted me about my career and everything. This relation was suffocating me while on the other side,my family was supporting him. He blamed me for everything and I couldn’t do anything.

In short, this marriage brought my confidence, my self respect and communication skills to level zero.For 2 years of my life i stayed in my room alone. I had no confidence to face anyone .I was crying all the time but had no idea how to deal with this situation.My friends were busy with their lives and I had no one to share my issues. I wanted to end relation but my family was against me.

After living three years with this helplessness and depression, I was fed up of my life and hating my self. I wanted to kill myself to get rid of this mental torture .That was the turning point of my life.From nowhere, A motivational speaker approached me on social media app.I was tired of my situation and told him about everything.

It was a miracle and God wanted to help me I believe. He was an angel from different region of world. I believed in him and desperately tried everything to tackle that. My marriage issue was still there .I had no career .But I learnt the important skill that’s SELF LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE. I started writing the positive things in my life. I repeated positive affirmations daily .I started listening to the meditation audios and that worked.I forgave everyone around and myself for mistakes .Above all ,the most important thing I did was to avoid the negative people including my husband and i started preparation for job exams.After few weeks , I felt change .I was healing because of him and that made me satisfied and happy .I knew that everything will be fine on right time.Universe will give me everything which I deserve .

Now I was a” better person”. Sometimes I got depressed yes but now I had the strength to cope with rejection and depression.After two months ,I got a good govt job .I had the confidence to face everyone in my office .I was taking care of my self and my communication skills were much better .Few months later ,my husband divorced me and my family realised their mistake of trusting him so blindly .

Today I have no grudge for anyone. Sometimes I feel sad about my wasted time.But those days have strengthen my belief about God’s plan. He always has something better to offer but we are impatient .I believed that nothing will change but it did .

Have faith and believe in yourself and God .Work hard for your goals and you will achieve what you want .

Changing my destiny

Destiny can be changed through our actions πŸ’–

Fate, Moirai, kismet,bhagya and qadr are same word in different languages. Fate defines the “unavoidable” and predetermined future events and destiny is that “predetermined future”.Sometimes fate and destiny ae considered same thing because of their deep inter connection in universe.Both plays a divine role in all religions and so in the lives of people who believes in them.

From religious point of view, It’s God who controls our fate and it’s written already what will happen in our life and He is the one who can change our destiny. There are two kinds of people.1 who staunchly believes in fate and blame fate for their failures and embraced failed and depressed life as their destiny. It’s utterly wrong .2.. The second group of people who don’t believe in fate and it’s role in their life.

How to change our destiny?fact is that destiny can be changed through our actions,decisions ,beliefs and hard work. Just because something bad happened to us in past ,it doesn’t mean that will happen again in our future.Sometimes parents decide about the career of children and willingly or unwillingly that becomes their destiny. If you believe that you are fated to be a failed business man ,you will be .Because its you who are negatively thinking about your destiny. While if you believe that you are going to succeed and work hard for it , you will definitely become successful because of your approach .Don’t regret about the past and change your destiny by not not repeating the past mistakes.

Now the question is how to know our destiny? How to know that what we want for our future ? Answer is your intuition. Never ignore gut feeling about any decision, situation and person.Repeat your positive affirmations daily to get rid of negative thoughts .Ask yourself about your goals .Pleasing others cannot change your destiny.Deep inside you know what do you want in your life and what is important for you.No one knows you more than yourself .Have faith and believe in yourself ,you will see miracles in your life .Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.Don’t think about the consequences.Work hard for your goals and believe you will achieve them one day .You will be there .πŸ’–


Manifest your desires

Believe and achieve ❀

Universe is ready to give us everything we want but many people don’t know that how to ask for.You heard about many stories that how people became rich and successful through law of attraction but unfortunately it didn’t work for you .You tried hard and followed all the necessary steps but attract nothing except frustration.You have no idea that why it doesn’t help or why universe is so biased .But in actual, you are the reason for nonfulfilment of your desires .There are few steps which can help you to achieve everything you want.

1.BE GRATEFUL : People always underestimate the power of Gratitude. You can’t attract anything through negative mind and thoughts. Be grateful for everything you have ,Universe will gives you more .As like attracts like ,so with positive mind you will attract more blessings and negative mind will attract negativity, anxiety and stress. Appreciate everything you have and love yourself.

2.SET YOUR INTENTIONS: Law of attractions sometimes doesn’t work because people ask for things they don’t even want.So relax and clear your mind.Ask yourself that what do you really want to attract in your life ? Write your dreams in diary .When you are clear about your wish ,it will be more easy to attract that.

3.IMAGINE AND BELIEVE: After you are sure about your desires ,daily for 5 minutes imagine yourself living your dream life in as much detail as possible. Suppose if you want a new car ,believe you have already bought and driving that car.Imagine all the car details including its model, colour and number etc.

4.TIME FOR ACTION : Now start working on your goals .You can’t leave every thing on universe .You have to work had for your dreams. Observe all the signs of universe appearing or reappearing in your life which can be messages, numbers or anything. Try to interpret these messages. Focus on all of the opportunities and try to avail them .Believe these are signs from universe which are bringing you closer to your dreams.

Get rid of negative thoughts in your mind .It can take time but your are going to win. Believe that if you can dream, you will achieve it . Nothing is impossible in this world .

5.LIVE IN THE MOMENT : Most important and last step of manifestation is to enjoy the present life .Rejoice over the efforts you are making daily to achieve your goals .Don’t regret over the past mistakes and don’t get panic over future.Enjoy your life and make sincere efforts to achieve your goals.

God’s timing is perfect

Rewrite your own story with the favourite ending you wish for.

God’s plans are perfect and His timing is perfect then why my prayers and cries aren’t being heard?Such questions arise in the minds of several people of different religions or beliefs everyday.Your friends are married but you’re not. Your siblings have good career today but you are getting nowhere with career .You are putting in hundred percent efforts at writing but no one is interested in your blogs.Your colleague is getting promoted but you are stuck in same position for years and list goes on.

You tend to feel like that your prayers and cries aren’t being heard or simply God is not interested in your life because you can’t see any change in the situation. You are getting frustrated because you don’t know about your future .You are anxious whether you will achieve your goals or not. But just ask yourself that Are these thoughts helping you ? No, these thoughts are just raising the level of negativity in your mind .These questions are the reason for your failure. Your doubts are stopping you to take important decisions in your life.

As matter of fact,people want change in their life but don’t like the waiting process. You are upset for your future without realizing the fact that you are spoiling your present. Why to get worried about future when you havent seen it.Remember one thing that slowly and steadily it’s going to happen.Change your mind, learn Patience and heal your emotions.Your job isn’t to grieve about the timing but to work hard . God is not hearing your prayers today because Perhaps He has written an ocean for you while you are asking for a drop. Go with the flow and don’t force things. When it’s meant to be, it will be.No one can take away from you what’s written for you.

As Rumi said that “The moment you accept what troubles you have been given, the door will open”. Don’t be jealous of others and their success. It’s their harvest time because they have worked hard for it .Now it’s your time to accept challenges and to plant the seeds of hard work and faith.Inspire yourself to move forward.You will see your dreams coming to you. Hardships and depressions are challenging you but they can’t get you away from your destiny.

Remember the story of Prophet Joseph(Yusuf) who was betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused of rape, imprisoned for years but he waited with patience for the fulfillment of his dreams.He had no doubts about God’s plan and timing.It was his patience and faith in God’s plan that leads him from a shepherd to the most powerful man of Egypt .

It’s time for action . You are on your way.Calm yourself and don’t think about timing. Accept the God’s timing plan and start working on your goals now . If you believe in God’s plan and yourself , there is NOTHING that you can’t achieve .πŸ’–

Comparison and Gratitude

Comparison is the thief to joy

Today when the world has become global village due to telecommunication systems. It has many pros and cons as well .Now a days everyone is on their phone, scrolling through insta feed or writing their views on tweeter or Facebook in any part of the world .When these apps are helping people to connect, share their stories on one side,on the other hand they have become a platform to show “perfect and ideal life”. They are enjoying destination weddings, going on trips to beautiful places , purchashing the expensive dresses and living lavish life. It makes many of us wonder that why we don’t have such perfect life? Unintentionally we start comparing ourselves to them.Without realising the fact that they are posting the best things of their life and that’s not the complete reality .Other than that ,many people are addicted of this comparison disorder in real life as well .I wish I had this car 😟 I wish I had the same big house like my neighbours πŸ˜• I wish I had the perfect smile like Julia Roberts 😩 .Why I have to suffer from this disease😭 Why I have to struggle for everything ? πŸ˜” .This comparison thing works like slow poizoning .From depressing us to make us hate our life, It extracts our happiness.

Now the question is how to get rid of this comparison habit which is not good for us . 1.. Gratitude is the answer. Write in your journal daily about the good things and happy moments of your life. 2.Turn this comparison in to motivation for yourself. Believe you will achieve that by your persistence and hardwork. 3.Think about the poor people who don’t even have the basic things like you. Who don’t have food to eat, shelter or clothes to wear . 4.Remind yourself of positive things and blessings daily.With gratitude, we learn to admire ourselves. With admiration, we get motivated to work hard and achieve our goals.It removes the negativity and sense of lacking from our lives. Always be grateful and achieve what you want.

The legendary Wimbledon African American Player who was dying of AIDS, which he got due to Infected Blood trasfusion during his second bypass Surgery in 1983. During his illness, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?”

To this Arthur Ashe replied :
⁃ 50 Million children started playing Tennis,
⁃ 5 Million learnt to play Tennis,
⁃ 500 000 learnt Professional Tennis,
⁃ 50 Thousand came to Circuit,
⁃ 5 Thousand reached Grand Slam,
⁃ 50 reached Wimbledon,
⁃ 4 reached the Semifinals,
⁃ 2 reached the Finals and

When I was holding the cup in my hand, I never asked God:
β€œWhy Me?”

So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God:
β€œWhy Me?”

Don’t wait for your promotion, new house ,new cars and expensive gift or trips to be grateful. Be grateful for everything you have at the moment. Gratitude will turn everything enough for you.

Healing from abusive relations

Whether it’s East or West, we daily ready or hear about mental abuse ,domestic violence stories on social media and in our society. Victims can be both men or women . Sometimes they leave or sometimes they have to stay in that relationship due to children ,society or varied reasons .

We always ignore the most important thing which is the mental condition of people who are “trapped “. They need healing from inside. .Abused ones are left with depression, no self esteem ,no confidence and pain . So what should they do? First of all, victims should realise that no one else can take care of them. Its their road and they have to walk it. Then they should start with few steps . First of all , ask yourself that “Do you want to stay in this relationship? ” Yes or no are fine.Secondly,ask yourself about your all dreams.Then jot it down on journal.Start working on your dreams. No matter big or small,dreams are always achievable . Third step is to say positive affirmations in front of mirror daily. Tell yourself daily with full belief that “I’m beautiful and blessed.I deserve all the happiness “and everything you want to tell yourself. When you feel low ,write down all the good things in your life .Thank God for everything in your life. Stay away or at least try to avoid negative people around you. Before sleeping ,listen to the audios of Louise Hay daily . Do meditation daily and most important of all is to Forgive yourself and everyone around you.Do all this daily with full devotion and you will gradually come out of this mess as Survivor.

We aren’t victims because we are weak.We are victims because our foes wants us in miserable condition. Universe is full of positive and negative energy. As Shams Tabrizi said that if we echo good things ,world will give it to us.If we echo bad things, world will give it back to us. Whatever happens, stay positive and say positive things.Have faith in yourself. Live in the present moment. Don’t think about your past as it can’t be changed. Your future will be bright believe me. You are strong and you deserve all the blessings. Always remember that it’s us who decide our destiny . It’s up to us what we sow because in the end we will gather that crop .

Who am I?


Shine like the universe is yours πŸ’– (Rumi)

A simple girl who has taken first step towards her dream of writing. Being a true follower of Rumi, I am happy and feel blessed for everythingπŸ’–.I believe that we can control our minds and achieve our goals through gratitude and work. The way I was helped by others,I wish that I may be able to help someone and make their life journey easier and happier with gratitude and positivity ❀ ❀❀